Ecotune Release Reflex for ea888.3

Ecotune is excited to release our Ecotune Reflex ECU technology for VAG’s EA888.3 platforms. Ecotune Reflex is a brand-new set of engine management technologies developed by our calibrations team for the OEM ECU environment.

Ecotune Reflex introduces many benefits, including full flex-fuel capabilities, live map switching, boost by gear and brand-new engine protections.

With support for most 1.8T/2.0T MQB cars that have the Simos18 ECU and further support on the way, everyone can enjoy the substantial benefits of Ecotune Reflex. 

Ecotune Reflex is available for Stage 2 applications and beyond, with full support through to Stage 3 and Stage 4. 

What benefits does Ecotune Reflex offer?

Reflex Flex Fuel – Full support for 95, 98, E85 and any mixture in between. This is handled on-the fly by our Reflex Flex Fuel technology when fitted with a Flex sensor.
Independent calibrations for 95, 98 and E85 fuel are dynamically interpolated and blended relative to Ethanol content as measured by a fitted Ethanol sensor. This approach ensures the perfect ignition angle, optimal direct/port injection split, ideal fuel pump management and perfect fuel trimming at all Ethanol ratios with the added comfort of our Reflex Response safety features. When combined with Ecotune Select, our live map switching option, launch settings, and boost-by-gear settings are available on the fly.

Reflex Select – On-the-fly selection between independent calibrations using steering wheel controls. Swap between different power levels, launch settings, boost by gear settings and even enable an engine immobiliser.

Reflex Response – Our additional response layer to poor fuel grades or compromised engine hardware helps protect your investment. Our brand-new Reflex Response routines constantly monitor various key safety metrics. If Reflex Response is triggered due to a safety event, the MIL will flash repeatedly and temporarily reduce power output to let the driver know.

Reflex Response – Oil Temperature Limiter – Power is progressively adjusted based on oil temperature threshold limits. When the car’s oil temperature is cold, Ecotune Reflex reduces power output, steadily increasing power as oil temperature rises to full power at full operating temperature. Power is also adjusted if oil temperature is too high.

 • Boost By Gear – Specific boost curves and targets relative to gear selection to improve grip in all on-throttle driving, with solutions for manual and DSG cars alike. This allows you to unleash the full potential of your car from a standstill and a roll.

Reflex Secure – An effective additional layer of theft deterrent where a Reflex Select Map allocation is appointed to immobilise the engine. Select this mode; the car will not start until you return to the vehicle and disable the feature.

In More Detail

Reflex Flex Fuel

98RON and E85 fuels are not all that similar, with different burn rates, energy densities, octane ratings and temperature characteristics. 

The tuning strategy between the two fuel types can be very different, even on the same hardware, a 98RON calibration and an E85 calibration may look completely different. 

Some existing approaches to ‘Flex Fuel’ do not adequately respect these key strategy differences and opt to adjust limited variables, not fully leveraging each fuel’s characteristics (becoming even more apparent at mixed content levels); this can result in reduced performance, drivability and economy.

At Ecotune, we believe something is only worth doing if it is done correctly and that philosophy has been executed to the letter with Reflex’s Flex Fuel module. 

Our Reflex Flex Fuel approach references two completely independent calibrations for 95, 98 and E85. Using a live data feed from an installed Flex Fuel sensor, Reflex Flex Fuel interpolates dynamically between the 98RON and E85 calibrations, resulting in a perfectly blended final calibration output that takes FULL advantage of the current fuel makeup. No compromises, no shortcuts. This is the correct approach to a true Flex Fuel solution. 

This all happens live and is handled entirely by our Ecotune Reflex technology. Reflex Flex Fuel cooperates with Reflex Response, ensuring maximum power, performance and safety at all ethanol mixtures.


Reflex Select

Clearly displayed on your instrument clusters tachometer and easily operated via your built-in cruise control stalk or buttons, Reflex Select offers four individual ECU calibrations at your fingertips alongside a fifth ECU program that activates complete security lockout. 

Each map can have independent fuel types, boost-by-gear settings, launch settings, and, most commonly enjoyed, power levels.

The most common arrangement for Reflex Select is:

Map 1: Low Power

Map 2: Medium Power

Map 3: High Power

Map 4: Full Power 

Map 5: Immobiliser 

If your vehicle is already equipped with adequate protection, you have the option of Map 5 being set to a valet mode, or of course another performance option.

In some cases (particularly with FWD cars), we introduce boost-by-gear settings per Reflex Select map depending on vehicle setup and customer request.  

These adjustable power levels allow immense flexibility and control over your vehicle’s power output to best suit your driving environment. Best of all, you can do this live as the vehicle is driving if your vehicle is equipped with cruise control.

It is important to note that Ecotune Reflex is also available to non-Flex sensor equipped vehicles. We simply disable Reflex Flex Fuel and offer dedicated 98 or E85 maps, and even both via Reflex Select, depending on the use case and vehicle.


Reflex Response

OEM safety enhanced – With cumulative years of high-performance tuning experience amongst the Ecotune team, we collectively agreed on a few dominant reasons for hardware failure; the consequences when they go wrong and how we could protect the customers investment and their vehicle.

Failure in the fuel delivery system or fuel quality issues can cause devastating outcomes. Therefore, any improvement or additional detection implemented with an appropriate protection response in these areas was a priority. Reflex is the solution.

As part of the Reflex firmware, we have implemented the following additional protection triggers and responses.


• Poor fuel quality detection through intelligent knock monitoring

• Low-Pressure Fuel Pump target deviation

• High-Pressure Fuel Pump target deviation


Boost pressure request whilst on throttle is limited to atmospheric pressure, and an indicator lamp will blink on the instrument cluster to notify the driver. This limitation remains active until the throttle pedal is lifted.

The OEM fault detection strategies remain operational. Should a permanent limp response be required, this will be applied in the OEM strategy as expected, and a permanent engine management light will illuminate. If the reduction in throttle request has negated the risk, the car will drive normally, allowing you to visit your local Ecotune dealer for diagnostics.

These Reflex Response safety events provide crucial feedback from your vehicle, ensuring you know what is happening, at all times. The power is in your hands.


Reflex Response – Oil Temperature Protections

With our built-in oil protections, we steadily restrain the output of your car based on the oil temperature reported by your engine’s sensors. This means an incremental increase in boost from cold start all the way up to normal operating temperature to avoid harsh conditions and loads for an unready engine. An incremental decrease is also implemented if oil temp is reported to be too high.


Reflex Boost By Gear 

This feature allows you to unleash the full potential of your car from a standstill and a roll – easier said than done for FWD owners. With Cupra, GTI and VRS owners in mind, we offer a complete and robust boost-by-gear solution that ensures maximum grip and power output. This feature supports both DSG and Manual variants.

Some existing solutions work on a ‘capped’ boost target, meaning that power is still being restrained at a higher road speed where grip is better. 

Reflex Boost By Gear provides independent target pressure maps per gear, offering complete control through the entire gear span.


Reflex Secure

Reflex Secure takes up Map 5 on our Reflex Select module. This feature is designed for those that are security conscience or just like the peace of mind knowing their vehicle has an additional layer of safety integrated. 

When Reflex Secure (Map 5) is selected via Reflex Select, the vehicle goes into a wholly immobilised state. The vehicle will not start at all until the car is taken out of Map 5. 

Even if the vehicle battery is disconnected and then reconnected, Reflex Secure doesn’t forget; your vehicle is safe.




Ecotune Reflex currently supports the following EA888 equipped models:


– Arteon R

– Golf MK7/7.5 R

– Golf MK7/7.5 GTI

– Golf MK7/7.5 GTI, TCR and Clubsport

– Polo GTI 1.8T 6R/6C


– A3 8V/2 1.8T

– S1

– S3 8V/2

– TTS 8S


– Octavia VRS TSI

– Superb


– Ateca 2.0

– Ibiza Cupra 1.8T 6P

– Leon Cupra 290, 300, 310 R

Supported Turbochargers:


Powermax Stage 1 G2260S

Powermax Stage 2 G25-660

Ecotune Venom 9 (While stock lasts)

The team at Ecotune is always happy to answer any questions you may have, please get in touch if you want to learn more or add these features to your car.

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5:30pm;
Saturday: 10am to 2pm;
U 10, 36 Dalziel Rd, Hillington, Glasgow G52 4NN.
0141 882 4669