Ecotune Supply and Fit Akrapovic M2 Competition System

Here at Ecotune, we know that when we receive an order for an Akrapovic exhaust system – we’re going to have one very happy customer and some cracking pictures at the end of the booking.


The M2 Competition delivers an engaging driving experience and truly focuses on being the perfect driver’s car through finely tuned suspension, an optional manual gearbox and the all important twin-turbo S55 engine from its bigger brothers, the M3 and M4.



The Underside of the Stock M2 Competition

So what’s not to love? Well, the one downfall of the M2 Competition as described by many of the owners we know here at Ecotune, is the sound. One of these customers is an M2C owner who came to us looking for an exhaust upgrade which provides an enhanced tone around neighbours, but at the touch of a button – a sporty and aggressive roar.

Made from titanium – this system reduces the exhaust’s weight by over 45% and delivers extra power through lower backpressure. The sound has also been vastly improved by Akrapovič’s engineers, delivering a true sporty tone especially in the middle and upper rpm range without any droning – an important feature for your daily driver. Carbon-fibre tailpipes give an upgraded, OEM+ look to the rear of the M2, to display its sporting potential. Another huge visual benefit of this system is the near removal of the chin created by the stock backbox.

Another concern from our customer was that there was nothing but fake noise from the ASD in the cabin while driving – another problem addressed and solved by the team designing the Akrapovic system. The sound track is much improved, with some wild burbles and pops while the valves are open. An optional sound controller kit was installed too, allowing for complete control over the valves being open or closed and the difference between the two is night and day.

The Akrapovic System in all its Glory

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